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We are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of wafers since 1965. With our own formula we get wafers of the best quality.

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Ofi S.L.

Company founded in December of 1965 by Mr. José Miquel Candela, dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of all types of wafers for the nougat industry, marzipan, pastry and in general for the sweet industry.

During 2015 we celebrated 50 years, with the same enthusiasm and satisfaction of the time elapsed and the objectives achieved.

The heirs have continued the work of the founder, endowing society with state-of-the-art technology for the manufacture of wafer in coil, which is very demanded by the market, to which we combine exhaustive processes and quality controls in line with the parameters set by the competent organizations.

High quality raw materials

In addition to extreme care in the process, the selection of raw materials is a priority of our day to day to achieve the highest quality in our product. We value potato starch consignments from all over Europe to find the quality we are looking for in a product we have been producing for more than three generations.

Our experience has given us the necessary knowledge to guarantee the selection of the best ingredients in our wafers.

All our products are suitable for Celiacs but the Almond Husk.

Wafer manufacture in continuous

All our products are manufactured in installations using the most advanced drying processes in the sector, the manufacture of continuous wafer. We process the wafer through rollers that reach the optimum temperatures, thus guaranteeing the safety of our products.

All our procedures are in constant development with the aim of improving our working methods, guaranteeing the optimum quality of our wafer.





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