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Ecological wafer

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Ecological wafer

Wafer made entirely of raw materials from organic farming, which have, therefore, a system of cultivation of an autonomous farm based on the optimal use of natural resources, without using synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms, at the same time that the fertility of the earth is conserved and the environment is respected in a sustainable and balanced manner. You can find any product from this catalog manufactured with this type of raw materials. For more information about this product, do not hesitate to contact us.

Product characteristics

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Best Raw Materials

Its basic ingredient is potato starch, free of gluten, which makes the product perfectly suitable for coeliacs. Currently the expiration date of the product is set at 18 months, during which, it maintains all its properties. Its conservation is simple, having to store the product in a cool and dry place.


Being a family business with many generations, our work has been based on the most important thing: people.

From purchase to delivery, it is supervised at all times by a group of workers who together achieve exhaustive quality control in all shipments sent from our facilities in Jijona.

Safe shipping

Our commitment is the delivery of a quality wafer in perfect conditions.

Being a delicate product, the shipment has a process that thanks to our experience we have managed to reduce any imperfection in all types of products and shipments.

We currently export our products to several continents, receiving a high degree of satisfaction and confidence from our customers.


We guarantee a shipment with all the necessary precautions so that the product reaches its destination without imperfections and in perfect condition.

Raw Materials

The quality of our product is our commitment. So all our products are made with raw material premium quality inside and outside of Spain.

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In OFI s.l. we are available at all times in the number: 965610589, where you can consult any question related to our products.



We offer a quality guarantee of both product and shipments. For what we promise to answer for any breakage or imperfection.


Is the shipment safe?

Yes, our products are delicate and therefore we take all the necessary measures and precautions so that the order arrives without any kind of damage.

Are the products fresh?

Yes, we work under order so all orders are just made at the time of shipment. The quality of our products is a priority for us. We work with high quality raw materials and we want our products to arrive freshly prepared to enjoy their quality to the maximum.

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